Research & Publications


Currently, I am working toward the completion of Doctoral research on professional artists’ participation in children’s museum education programs. I am working with four museums to observe, record, and develop narratives that aim to describe the interactions that occur between children, museum educators, and exhibiting artists. To perform this research I have developed observation and interview research protocols.  I have further experience in research analysis, preparing literature reviews, and participating on research advisory boards.

College Board, New York, NY

Summary Preparer (Sept. 2013): Created summary to represent the Common Core Standards in a concise one-page document.

Literature Review, Interview Protocol, and Summary Preparer (Oct. – Jan. 2013): Prepared a report about the relationship between GPA scores and HS arts courses for admission to college. This report was informed by research found in existing literature and through the development and implementation of an interview protocol. I interviewed admissions officials at two contrasting colleges to gather opposing perspectives. Finally, a summary was written to present the findings to the College Board. The findings of this report informed the development of a national survey.

Gap Analyst and Summary Preparer (Sept. 2011): Review, compare and summarize the visual arts (7 states) and media arts (6 states) frameworks for the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards:

Gap Analyst and Summary Preparer (July 2011): Chart analysis to find correlations and gaps between the National Standards and 21st Century Skills in visual arts, dance and theatre, for the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards.  Publication: College Board (Aug. 2011). Arts Education and 21st Century Skills; An analysis of the National Standards for Art Education (1994) as Compared to the 21st Century Skills Map for the Arts, NY, NY:

Literature Review Preparer (March 2011): Prepared a report on the Benefits of Art in Schools to inform College Board research proposal.

Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum, Long Island City, New York

Program Observer, Data Collector, and Summary Preparer (Feb. – May 2013): Observed in-school artist in residence programs to document instances when students demonstrated exemplary literacy skills.  In the report, I wrote rich narratives to represent these instances as well as the learning context that encouraged them.

Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY

Research Fellow (Sept. 2010-May 2011): Prepared an extensive report on Teen Programs in Museums to inform IMLS grant application and to guide research by Marianna Adams.

Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, NY

Literature Review Preparer (May 2009): Prepared a report on Arts Integration in School Settings for professors O. Hubard and S. Sarigianides.

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, NY

Advisory Board Participant (Sept. 2008-May 2009): Art for Problem Solving research study.

Literature Review Preparer (Dec. 2007): Prepared initial literature review to guide Art for Problem Solving research conducted by Randy Korn & Associates.

Curriculum Writing

San Diego Museum of Art, Educator’s Art Fair How to Guide Guide, Lesson Contributor (To be published in March 2014).

San Diego Museum of Art, Educator’s Art Fair How to Guide Guide, Lesson Contributor (Published in March 2012).

El Museo Del Barrio, New York, NY, Curriculum Consultant (Sept. 2010-June 2011): Aided in the development of Day of the Dead lesson units for the El Museo Del Barrio’s website.

MoMA/TC Roundtable: Interdisciplinary Lessons for High School American Identity: Cultural Icons; Places and Objects; Social Concerns; Life Stories, Teachers College Press, New York, NY, Lesson Contributor (Published in 2007).


ALT/Space (Oct. 2011-Oct. 2012):

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, Learning Through Art Blog (Sept. 2009-May 2010).